The real chocolate

The first Turkmen manufacturer of real kraft chocolate.

Useful for children

Our children savor our products. The vast majority of sweets - without gluten.

100% natural ingredients

We do not use artificial dyes and chemical flavors.


Cookies - is crafting products made with the soul of our masters


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We are a leader of natural sweets niche

Confectionery "Balsheker" is a wide selection of cookies, marmalade and marshmallows.

We are ES "Tibet Turkmen"

Balsheker is a brand of natural sweets produced by confectionary factory “Tibet Turkmen”. Balsheker success is the inspiration of our specialists, unique individuality and strict quality requirements.

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Our Activities

ES “Tibet Turkmen” was founded in 2010. Several types of food products with the trademark “Balsheker” are produced in our factory and distributed among the population of all corners of the country. The ES “Tibet Turkmen” contributes to providing our population with abundant food. We have assigned the Balsheker brand to our sweet products produced at our enterprise.