Confectionery factory balsheker

The confectionery factory «Balsheker» is the greatest manufacturer of sweets in Turkmenistan

We expand the range of products

Both the manufacture and sale of marmalade as a business is not limited to the release of the familiar fruit and berry products to all, there are other options that are in demand on the market today: jelly marmalade, chewing marmalade.

Marshmallows in our confectionery are completely natural, like all other sweets.

The composition includes such components: fresh mashed potatoes, pectin – a natural thickener and sugar. Squirrels still go to marshmallows. And marshmallows and marmalade and meringues are completely handmade, you can safely buy it for children!

Sweets & Candies

Tender, airy sweets Bird’s milk is a square of creamy vanilla souffle covered with dark chocolate glaze. Products for a wide range of consumers are produced under the brand of «Balsheker»:  chocolates with fillings.